Monday, November 26, 2012

MALI, a very quiet gorgeous one year old, very well trained little girl.  Very shy to begin with but once she gets to know you she becomes your shadow!  Loving cuddly darling.  Mali has been desexed, immunised and microchipped.  POA.  Mali would make a wonderful "only dog" household with an older person.  She gets on well with little dogs of her own size but is terrified of anything bigger than herself, and can show some fear aggression.  She plays quite happily with the other Chihuahuas, but is protective of her dinner which is very understandable as she is on a diet.  She does have Grade 2 luxating patella and this will be fine providing she is kept as she is now and not allowed to gain any more weight.

CHIEF, an absolute dream of a little boy, just one year old.  He is very shy, does not bite, quiet and toilet trained!  He has had one patella operated on and is now ready to go to his new forever home.  He is very shy to begin with but will approach you after a day or so, just loves to cuddle on your lap too.  He has been desexed, immunized and microchipped.
Can I come in?

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Tinka is the most stunning little long coat Chihuahua cross Pom in the colour called blue.  So loving to all.  She very heavily "in pup" so will be allowed to have her puppies, as she is very nearly due!  An xray shows she is expecting five or six pups of unknown breeding!  She is not much more than a puppy herself as she is only one year old!
In the very early hours of Saturday 24th November 2012 Tinka began labour at 12.15am.  By 4.14 am she had produced six gorgeous little puppies!  Tinka will become available for adoption approximately January 2013, and we have two interested parties.  The puppies, if they survive, will become available approximately  at the end of February 2013.  The two girls have people on the waiting list for them.  The boys, so far have two people interested.
Two out and third just being born, what a wonderful little dog!
Six little new babies!  All born from 12.15am through to 4.15am, on Saturday morning 24th November 2012

Tinka has completely regained her health after many problems throughout the birth and feeding of six hungry little puppies.  She was taken away from the puppies when they were three weeks of age, for her own health reasons.  On Thursday 17th. January 2013 she is being desexed and microchipped.  Immunization on Monday, and going to her possible new home on Wednesday!  Love your dearly Tinka!  We have been through some adventures together over the last three months my darling little girl!


Coco a gorgeous little Chi cross, very friendly white long coat, tan heart on the middle of her back!  She is one year old and will be going to our vet for all to be checked  Her price will be $400

Monday, October 22, 2012


Mia has found a new family to try out.
MIA a gorgeous little 3 year old girl!  She is a Chihuahua cross, but mostly Chihuahua.  She has been desexed, immunized and microchipped, given worm and flea treatments.  Her price is $350.  This dear little girl just wants to be with you all the time, so not suitable to be left when working.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tiffany has gone to try out her new home!
Tiffany, is a beautiful younger female Chihuahua cross mini foxy, black and white.  lovely active very healthy little girl.  she was roaming the streets while she was "in season" but once that had passed she is quite happy to just be with you!  Quiet little girl.
Her price is $200 and she has now been desexed, immunized, and microchipped, given flea and worm treatments.
Tiffany pictured with a long coat Chihuahua.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Bomber is a very cuddly three year old, long coat Chihuahua. He gets on well with the other dogs and loves people and attention.

Bomber has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, treated with flea and worm treatments, and his price is $400.


Matari is a gorgeous really friendly 4 year old smooth coat Chihuahua.  He likes to cuddle and be held.  Sit on your lap and watch TV etc.  Gets on really well with the other dogs.  Matari has been castrated, micro-chipped and immunized with C5. He was Vet checked and found to be in excellent health, he has had flea and worm treatment, and his price is $400.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


is a gorgeous little six year old Chihuahua.  Happy little girl who gets on well with other small dogs, people and older children.  She has been desexed, immunized with C5, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments and given a good clean bill of health from our Vets.  Her price is $400.

Nilie has really settled in well in her new home and hopefully we will have a note from her new Mummy.
Here she is looking quite relaxed and very comfortable!!


a gorgeous little girl who we are calling Cooni as she is far too small to carry a huge name like that!  A very sweet gentle little girl who is 2 years, loves people and older children, is OK with other small dogs.  She has been desexed, immunized with C5, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments. Her price is $400 and she is available now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What an absolute gem!!  This is a photo of Rosie in "care" after having a good bath and before coming to Chi Rescue house.
This one is of Rosie while still in the pound, riddled with fleas and with not much hope of a future.
Here are some of the comments received from her "carer" while waiting to catch the bus to us!

ok what a funny little girl not once has she growled at my kids, nor me 
she didnt like the vet looking at her teeth but will let me.  Yes and she allows me to look at her teeth too!!

·                                 Rita she is a babe she is well on her way to converting me x
·                                 I do keep falling over her tho she is so attached to my ankles and she loves my son. She likes to bury her head under your arm 
she is funny i tell her off she hides her face lol 
Rosie has now been with us for a few days and settled in well.   She would make a wonderful "only pet" household.  Such a sweet loving little dog.  Rosie is a Shitzu cross Chihuahua, so a goo0d strong little 2 year old dog.  She is desexed, immunized, and microchipped.  Been given work and flea treatments. Rosie has a protruding bottom jaw, I think that is called an undershot jaw, can never remember if it is undershot or overshot! It does not affect her eating and looks quite "cute"!  She has been through a lot and is still having that "sad" look - lost her family, had her puppies taken away, spent time in a pound, did the trip to Malbourne and now looking for a forever home.   Her price is being reduced to $350 and what a gem she will make for some lucky lady/man!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Smokey, an absolutely beautiful little smooth coat Chihuahua. A very friendly, playful little guy!  Loves attention and happy to please.  He has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, and given flea and worm treatment.  His price is $400 and he is ready to go now, and he is 3 years.

Foxie, has come in to our care and is now looking for a new home.  He is semi long coat gorgeous Chihuahua x  He has had a flea allergy some time in the past and lost most of his hind quarter coat, which is now growing back and looking gorgeous and shiny. He is a gentle darling little dog weighing just 4.5kg. and those eyes - you can see the gentleness! He has been desexed, immunized and microchipped, had flea and worm treatments, teeth have been cleaned and nails clipped.  He is 3 years old and very well behaved.  His price is $400.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pixie, a very tiny gorgeous pure Chihuahua, smooth coat, just over one year of age, very playful and puppyish.  She has some medical issues and these will be discussed with potential owners. Pixie was flown down from Darwin in very poor health.  She has a good loud bark and is very choosy on other dogs for friends!
Her price is $400, and she has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, wormed and given flea treatment.

ROSCO, this tiny little puppy came in to "rescue" a few days ago.  He has been born totally blind, and with a missing tail. He is going to require some very expensive surgery on his eyes in the very near future.  He is a great little fighter and will make a wonderful little pet, but will be blind for life.  He is extremely intelligent, and once he bumps into something, he does not forget it is there!  Listens intently, and sniff for his food!

At eight weeks

At about six weeks

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paris, is the most loving little Bambi Chihuahua who just craves to be with you 24/7.  She is 2 to 3 years old, excellent with children and humans, but not too happy with other dogs.  Not sure about cats.  She has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, given worm treatment and flea treatment.  She has been checked by our vet who advised that she is a nervy little girl, but in excellent health.  She will need good fencing as she is of the Bambi variety of Chihuahua, which means she can jump and climb, but if you are nearby she is fine.
Those gorgeous eyes are so serious and she just idolizes you.  She would be perfectly happy to sit on your lap all day every day!!  A very loving little dog.  Her price is $400, and she is now ready to go.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Donations, August and September, 2012.  These donations are being allocated towards the costs of bringing Rosco to Malbourne, and for the upcoming eye surgery he will require - see his story under ROSCO.

Many thanks to Sharissa Kucini for donation of $20, Stewart Roberts $100,  Smaro Horozides $50, Donna Aitken $25, Anna DeSimone $20, Dedrie Beukes Green $200, Joyce Griffiths $20, Jill Hodge $10, Stewart Roberts $10, Sandra Williams $10, Andrew Poholke $5, Simon Kearney $10, $200 from Jain Parsons,  towards costs of these little dogs.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pet Soy Candles

Great ideas for Christmas!  Orders now will be delivered to Christmas comp show.
It is with grateful thanks we are happy to announce that PET SOY CANDLES has allowed us to sell their candles to assist with raising funds via a commission, to help with the costs of Chihuahua Rescue Victoria.
These must be ordered through us, to allow them to distinguish which orders come through Chihuahua Rescue, which in turn, earns the rescue some much needed funds!

Pet Soy Candles                                                 Two Gifts In one!

Unique gifts for pets and pet lovers.

Pet Soy Candles are a great gift idea, perfect for that new puppy or the Birthday of your trusted companion. A two in one gift as the owner has a wonderful fragrant candle for approximately 12 hours, and when the candle is finished and the container washed out, the pet gets the bowl.  Hence a 2 in 1 Gift.!

They are unique on the world market: never seen before.

More and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and in turn are demanding a safe and healthier environment.  Our Pet Soy Candles provide you with an environmentally friendly gift that not only brings a wonderful fragrance into your home, but your pet has a unique present for their wet/dry food or alternatively a water bowl. Our bowls are exclusive to Pet Soy Candles and we are using the very refreshing fragrances of Australian Bush / Lime and Sandalwood / Sweet Lemongrass with the fragrance Cappuccino for our mugs.

**  Pet Soy Candles use Soy wax which replaces non-renewable petroleum (paraffin) wax with a renewable, environmentally and Pet friendly alternative.

**  Produced from sustainable agricultural resources, Pet Soy Candles chose Soy wax because of its lower melting point. The wax burns cooler, longer and cleaner than paraffin. This allows fragrances to be released into the air faster and longer.

**  Soy wax also burns 25% - 50% longer and is water soluble, meaning Soy wax can be easily extracted from your ceramic or metal Pet Bowl for efficient recycling.

Candle is made using environmentally friendly soy wax and contains a lead-free cotton wick.

Some Information About Pet Soy Candles

Australian owned and distributed Nationally.
Never leave burning candle unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Avoid drafts when burning. Burn for around 2-3 hours or until wax has melted out to all sides of container.
Clip wick before re-lighting and to extinguish flame, gently push wick into wax using a tooth pick or similar to avoid wick smoking. The wick will return to original position itself.

Range of Fragrances

Soy Wax Fragrances available are listed below.
AUSTRALIAN BUSH - A complex floral combination of sweet florals, touches of fresh green grass, sensual floral and green leafy notes, mixed with citrus herbal woody notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.
LIME AND SANDALWOOD - A rich sandalwood blend, with hints of patchouli, is combined with fresh zesty lime peel, sweet citrus orange and spiced amber.
SWEET LEMONGRASS - An invigorating lemon lime citrus aroma envelopes and stimulates creating a vibrantly refreshing fragrance.
CAPPUCCINO - (Note: this fragrance only available for the mugs) If you like the rich smell of coffee, you will like this delicious blend of strong espresso coffee and sweet buttery vanilla cream - Yum!


Gold Hamper - Tiffany
Price: $45.95
Comprises:- Tiffany Bowl, Oil Burner, Melts and Tealights, Gift Card.

Choice of Fragrance :- 1) Australian Bush
2) Lime and Sandalwood or 3) Sweet Lemongrass

Princess Bowl
Price: $26.00
Tan/Red Heart 14x12.5x4.5cm.
Choice of Fragrance :- 1) Australian Bush
2) Lime and Sandalwood or 3) Sweet Lemongrass

Price: $4.00
Pack contains 5 bones and 5 paws.
Available Red, Pink, White, Blue, Black, Mauve
plus many other shades and colours

Labrador Mug
Price: $19.95
Cappuccino fragrance

Ozi Bowl
Price: $19.00
Aluminium Non Slip, 11x11x4.5cm

Choice of Fragrance :- 1) Australian Bush
2) Lime and Sandalwood or 3) Sweet Lemongrass

Bird Mug
Price: $19.95
Cappuccino Fragrance

Big Brown Dog
Price: $19.95

Cappuccino Fragrance

Oil Burners
Price: $6.00
Available Red, Pink, White, Blue, Black, Mauve

Dalmation Mug
Price: $19.95
Cappuccino Fragrance

Cat Mug
Price: $19.95
Cappuccino Fragrance

Paw Print Hamper
Price: $59.95
 Rex Bowl, Oil Burner, Melts and Tealights, Cookie Cutters, Recipes, 
a doggy Toy (subject to change), Gift Card.

Choice of Fragrance :- 1) Australian Bush
2) Lime and Sandalwood or 3) Sweet Lemongrass

Gold Hamper - Princess
Price: $45.95
Princess Bowl, Oil Burner, Melts and Tealights, Gift Card 
Choice of Fragrance :- 1) Australian Bush
2) Lime and Sandalwood or 3) Sweet Lemongrass.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jasper,is now trying out his new home!! a lovely young Chi cross Pom. Will not suit children. Is desexed, immunized and microchipped. His price is $200.
Ollie is a gorgeous male smooth coat turning seven years of age on 30th August 2012, who has been spoilt very much, hence he is very overweight and is now on a strict diet! He is very playful and very obedient, does everything you ask him to do! That little tail wags constantly and when you call him, his eyes light up and he trots to you!  He really needs a forever home where he can get the attention he craves.   His price is $300.