Thursday, September 6, 2012

ROSCO, this tiny little puppy came in to "rescue" a few days ago.  He has been born totally blind, and with a missing tail. He is going to require some very expensive surgery on his eyes in the very near future.  He is a great little fighter and will make a wonderful little pet, but will be blind for life.  He is extremely intelligent, and once he bumps into something, he does not forget it is there!  Listens intently, and sniff for his food!

At eight weeks

At about six weeks


  1. What a beautiful little boy .... if only I was at home more often so I could give him all the love that he deserves !!!

  2. he is gourgeous i wish he was mine . i wish i was home for all the love that he deserves u little thing born completlly blind and no tail <3 hope he goes to the best home