Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ROCKY, a dear little old man! he has spent several years running wild on the streets of Frankston, mostly skipping along on three legs!! No one could get near him! His story is that his owner passed and family were not home very often so he filled in his days haveing great adventures!! He is now in our care! He has had one tooth removed and has several others to yet come out. He has very bad luxating patellas but does bot yet have any arthritic problems with them. Rocky is twelve years old, and his price is $100.
MIKEY, is an absolute darling little man of almost six years. He has some problems with his mouth which we are having treated. He has a grade 2 heart murmur, and suffers frequent "sugar drops" and has to be monitored 24/7. Mikey is on a course of antibiotics as of 19th June, 2012, and once this course is completed we will have further tests done to try and help him live a happy healthy life. Most of his teeth have been removed because they had all rotted. He is just a darling little cuddlepot and wants to snuggle against you as often as he can!

Late 2013  It is with very broken hearts that we advise that little Mikey passed away.  RIP darling.
SPARKY, is a gorgeous tiny little man with personality PLUS! He is nine years old. He came in to our care during 2011 with a mouth full of rotten teeth caused by bad diet for the whole of his eight years! We took him to our vet and he was desexed and we had all of his teeth removed. During the following year we have watched him pick up, gain weight, and bark at us in "play". Pick him up and he snuggles into you! He is not too good with his toilet training, oh yes, he know very well that he is supposed to go outside, and he will when you tell him to!! But as soon as he come back inside, he wees - some more, right in the middle of the floor!! Those little eyes SPARKLE with joy and sheer CHEEKINESS!! Not too impressed with this dressing gown coat!!
Jakie, the most beautiful male Chihuahua six years old, desexed, microchipped, immunized. A gentle, loving, and loyal companion who just craves to be close to you. H e is a little overweight, but a real stunner!! His price is $400. Jakie is trying out his new home

Thursday, June 7, 2012

YODA the JEDI Has now gone to a new home. Love you little man!! Have a wonderful life!We today were successful in getting this poor little dog secured for Chihuahua Rescue. He was listed as a five year old. The vets have phoned to say he is much older than that. We have agreed to take him in anyway as the poor little guy deserves some peace and love for his final days. Not sure how old he is. They still insisted on desexing him! We are requesting some assistance with his costs, if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Council release fee $271.00 Vet additional fees (NSW) $117.10 Transport fee to Cranbourne Vic. $50.00 Further Vet Treatments and medications 19/6/12 $82.90 Donations received to assist with his costs:- Lisa Carr $20 Donna Aitken $25 Rachel Ward $50, Helen Smith $5 Olga and Simon Kearney $30 Wendy Madden $25 Eva Staszewska A$32 Alison Barclay $5 Joyce and Russ Griffiths and Sophie $20 Garner Family $30 Jane Oscar $20 Lisa Carr $10 Marion Hill $5 Maria Jenkins $50 Karen Gray $100 Danni Metcalf $20 Many thanks to all who have contributed to Yoda the Jedi's expenses. He appears to have some health issues which we will get checked in the next few days. His urine is very smelly and very dark in colour, so that worries me a bit. 19th June, 2012 Yoda took a trip to our Vet today. Those thick ears are cauliflower ears caused through very severe ear untreated long term ear infections! His right ear is so severely infected with several different bacterial infections including the Rod Bacteria. Samples taken from his ear looked very much to me like there is also blood in it! His left ear is also infected but not to the same extent. Poor little man, he must have suffered for possibly years!! Yoda has a fairly bad heart murmur classed at a grade 4 to 5, and his luxating patellas are classed about a grade 4. The heart problem will not be treated until we can get his ears cleared up! So he has come home this morning with Baytril Antibiotic tablets, Tricin eye ointment for his left eye, and Otomax Eardrops. Discussion on how old we all think he might be was quite funny! No one has ANY idea. I thinks he is a bit younger - maybe 9 to 10, and Catherine thinks he could be more like 12 to 13 because he looks soooo scrawny and thin. So finally decided we will wait until he is feeling a lot happier and gains some weight before trying to guess his age! He is such a darling little dog. Despite all the hurts and handling today not once did he bare a lip or growl, just a tiny whimper when it hurt, and those darling little eyes looking straight into mine begging for me to help him!
Bella, a two year old gorgeous long coat pure Chihuahua. This little girl is very shy and will not suit a home with children or other dogs. She takes a while to get to know you, but once she trusts you, she is yours for life and so very faithful to you, following you everywhere and wanting to be with you full time! Her price is $400.
Misty IS NOW TRYING OUT HER NEW HOME! Misty, is a cheeky one year old Chihuahua cross. She is full of life and playfulness. She is a very bright and bubbly pocket rocket! She requires a home where she will receive training, discipline, and heaps of love. She will require a really secure yard and home as she only needs a tiny hole to escape at the first opportunity! She dances around your feet, spinning in circles. Loves her food and although a bit on the skinny side at the moment she will put on weight fairly quickly now that she has been desexed. Her price is $400.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Donations June 2012. We wish to thank Karyn Brown for donating $50 to help cover the cost of petrol to pick up a new little rescue. Bought a tear to my eye, Karyn, Thanks you! Many thanks to Miranda Jane for a wonderful and very generous donation of $250 to assist with these little dogs! Thank you, Miranda. Thanks to Lisa Carr $20, Donna Aitken $25, Rachel Ward $50, Helen Smith $5, Olga Chiefnaughtypants Extreme fostercat $30, Wendy Madden $25, Eva Straszewski A$32, Alison Barclay $5, towards the cost of Pound Dog, thank you. $50 from Michelle McConachie, many thanks.