Sunday, December 2, 2018


Pip  is the most lovely little girl, DOB 30/6/10.  Weighs 3.5 KG. She is friendly and likes to sit and watch you as you go about your chores!  She does have a small umbilical hernia which does not require any treatment.
She will not be suitable with children under ten years, not sure of cats, but does get on well with the other little dogs.  She has been desexed, fully immunised, microchip 982009106082764.  She has had worm and flea treatment.  Her price is $500


Peanut is a Chihuahua DOB 30/06/11.  He is a good big solid boy weighing in at 3.6 KG.  He has a very mild heart murmur so a half kg weight loss would be an advantage!  He is friendly and playful, loves his food.  Gets on well with the other small dogs, not sure of cats, and no children under 10 years.  He has been desexed, fully immunised, microchip 982009106077071, has had worm and flea treatments.  His price is $500

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Puppy is a 4 1/4 month old Chihuahua or cross, not sure.  An absolute delight!  So happy and playful.
She has been desexed, fully immunised, given worm and flea treatments.  Microchip 956000010529974.  Not toilet trained, gets on well with other very small dogs.  Will not be suitable with small children due to being surrendered because of biting (Training?  as all puppies bite!)
Her price is $600.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Marley is a tiny 1 1/2 kg long coat gorgeous little Chihuahua.  DOB 29/3/2010.
She is totally toilet trained providing the door is open for her.  She will not be suitable with children under 12 years.  Is good with other little tiny dogs but not suitable for any bigger type dogs as she is just too fragile, and no cats.  She has a very strong heart and is in excellent health.
Her microchip 956000001863673.  She has been desexed. fully immunised, given worm and flea treatments.  Her price is $500

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Cookie is the most friendly loving little dog, but we are VERY amused while at the same time really annoyed!!
WHY? you may well ask!!
Very obviously "looks" like a Tibetan Spaniel cross Pomeranian:  was described on Gumtree as Pomeranian cross Papillon; and microchip describes as Shi Tzu cross!!
However the microchip also describes her as a Male, not desexed!  She is definitely a female and has a tattoo in left ear to indicate she is desexed plus no development of nipples indicating early desexing!
Funniest of all - microchip states her date of birth is 01/01/1900!  Which makes her by far the oldest dog in the world at 118 years! Our vet was doubled over with laughter when she saw this.
As to what age she actually is would be anyone's guess but we believe she is 13 1/2 years. (microchip inserted 28/9/2005
Cookie is very active and loves to "play" and dances with you if you encourage her.  Loves her daily walks, and just wants to be following you everywhere.
She has had her C5 immunisation, microchip 982009101172447.  Her price is $200.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Toby is a Toy Poodle, Date of Birth 16/2/12 (6 1/2 years) weighing 3.2 Kg.  He is a very quiet little man and loves nothing better than snuggling under your arm on the lounge and going for a walk!
He is toilet trained and very well behaved.  He and Harry can be homed together or separated.  Toby does have allergies so is now on grain free food and medication hence the lower price for him.
On his own he may be suitable with children over 8 years.  He is desexed, microchipped 98200067727081, and fully immunised.  His price is $200.  First photo is before when he first came in to our care and the second is after clipping with Harry (red)


Harry is a Toy Poodle, date of Birth 20/3/10 (8 !/@ years) weighing 4 Kg.
He does have separation anxiety so we are seeking a home where there is someone home most of the time or has an understanding of separation anxiety.
We are listing Harry and his little mate as a "pair" or can be separated.
Microchip 956000001586370.  He has been desexed and full immunised, had a dental recently.  He is totally toilet trained if he has access to outside.  Will not be suitable with children under 12 years.  He loves going for a daily walk! He does have an allergy itch so is on medication for this.  Hence his price is reduced as ongoing treatment will be required.  His price is $200. First photo was how he came in to our care.  Second is with Toby after clipping and clean up!