Thursday, March 25, 2010


Happily re-homed
Cara is a three year old long coat (has been clipped) pure Chihuahua. She has been desexed, immunized, microchipped. She is a real escape artist and gets really pleased with herself when she escapes - just sits and "smiles" at you as if to ask "aren't I a clever girl?"
We watched in horror as she took a flying leap up and over a two foot high puppy fence just after having her operations!! Luckily she did herself no harm. She then jumped on to Mayer's arm chair and "grinned" with pride in herself!! So cheeky. Open the door and she is GONE like a rocket. She is totally toilet trained, can bark a bit on occasion, and just loves attention and cuddles. .


Happily re-homed
Chokko is lovely friendly cuddly little man of estimated age 6 years.
He has been desexed, microchipped and immunized. He is learning toilet training and is being really good. His is in good health and just craving to have a Mummy or Daddy to love and cuddle him. Chokko has a habit of putting his little nose up in the air and letting fly with a "wolf howl" or that is what he would like it to be!! It is actually a tiny little quiet howl - to be honest we are having trouble containing our laughter!! When he does it we just gently growl at him and he stops.


Happily re-homed
Millie is a little old gentle loving girl who we estimate to be between 8 and 10 years of age. She is totally toilet trained and obedient. Millie came down from Brisbane after her owner passed. Some wonderful people cared for Millie until they found Chi Rescue. Millie has undergone a scan, an ex-ray, spey operation (note the cotton wool in her ear!) has been immunized and microchipped.
Millie would be most suited for a pensioner who just wants a quiet little dog. It would appear that Millie's liver is quite scarred and we believe this could have been caused by either being run over by a car or similar at some time in the past, or is the result of being fed commercial (cheap) food with too many preservatives in it over a lengthy time. Millie has now been on good home cooked doggy stew and Eukaneuba dried dog food for the past three weeks and is improving every day. Vet expenses have been quite high, however we have received some generous donations to help towards her costs.