Friday, February 26, 2010


Happily re-homed
Shorty is a very happy little fellow of 12 months old. He is a little shy to start with but warms quickly to humans. He would be perfect for an older person with no other animals.
Shorty has been desexed, microchipped, immunized, heart worm tested (negative), some baby teeth out, flea treatment and wormed.
He is just the most wonderful little dog.
Absolutely no other animals, must be an "only pet"!


Bandit has found a new home. A really gorgeous little boy. Bandit came in from a breeding kennel and was very shy and timid but over the months he has become a very enjoyable little companion. Loves being brushed and no objection to nail clipping! Bandit is nine years old and quite happy to just listen when you talk to him and have a feed every day.
He was not toilet trained when he came in but now knows that "outside" means just that, and he has become very good. He is a quiet little man and does very little barking - only when someone comes to the door! He gets on well with the other little dogs, but would not be suitable for children. He would be very suitable for an elderly person who wants a friend to talk to!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Penny 1

This darling little tiny Chihuahua was surrendered to Chi Rescue about 18 months ago and Vet check suggested she had a cancer. She was one of those most wonderful little girls with never a foot wrong and always so happy to greet you. Quiet and clean, only asking for love, a pat, and some dinner! Our thoughts were "how can we adopt a little dog this old and also with such a horrible disease as cancer?" Well occasionally we get some absolutely wonderful people along who are prepared to go through the joys of giving these little dogs a good and loving home, and then having to go through the pain and grief of losing them after a very short time. Lynda was one of these wonderful people who we admire so much. Lynda gave Penny the happiest few months with so much love and care. The love given kept Penny going for quite a few months longer that would have been expected considering the state of her cancer. We were all told of the signs to watch for in case she was feeling pain, but Penny was happy and relaxed to the very end. Lynda, our very deepest sympathy to you and Virgil at this time. Our hearts and tears ar also falling in sorrow. What a wonderful gift you gave to Penny when she had no where else to go! May God bless you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Penny is six years old and in very good health. She is still overweight despite losing almost 2 kg so far! Could do with losing another 1/2kg. She will not suit children. She is a very quiet little girl and loves to hide under things (including a doona!). She will require a great deal of patience to get to know her, It has taken several weeks for her to come around to accepting pats and cuddles which she loves. It is no good anyone trying to approach her within hours of meeting her! It will take at least three or four days of gentle quiet talk, loud noises really upset her and she hides. Once she accepts you then she is a perfectly normal little Chihuahua!

Penny on right, with Bandit.
This little chubby girl needs a quiet home with maybe one other dog for a friend. She will require patience from her new human Mum, until she gains confidence. Penny has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, wormed and flead.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Happily Rehomed

A lovely little dog of unknown breeding but believed to be crossed Chihuahua weighing in at about 3 kg. Breeding was told to us that he is a Pom cross Chi. Very playful, friendly, obedient, and well behaved, also a bit "cheeky!
His tail has been docked or bitten off at some stage. We have had his luxating patella corrected, desexed, immunized, microchipped, heart worm tested, and health checked. Rusty is one year old.