Friday, February 26, 2010


Bandit has found a new home. A really gorgeous little boy. Bandit came in from a breeding kennel and was very shy and timid but over the months he has become a very enjoyable little companion. Loves being brushed and no objection to nail clipping! Bandit is nine years old and quite happy to just listen when you talk to him and have a feed every day.
He was not toilet trained when he came in but now knows that "outside" means just that, and he has become very good. He is a quiet little man and does very little barking - only when someone comes to the door! He gets on well with the other little dogs, but would not be suitable for children. He would be very suitable for an elderly person who wants a friend to talk to!


  1. So sad to see these little darlings without a forever home or love.
    Is he healthy, happy, small?

  2. Yes to all of those! Bandit has now gone to a home on two weeks trial basis, so this lovely couple plan on spoiling him!!

  3. Bandit has settled in really well and just loves his new Ma and Pa, following them all around the yard as they garden, and sitting on laps watching TV. They just love him, and he loves them. We are so happy to see Bandit in such a happy home for his final years.