Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Penny is six years old and in very good health. She is still overweight despite losing almost 2 kg so far! Could do with losing another 1/2kg. She will not suit children. She is a very quiet little girl and loves to hide under things (including a doona!). She will require a great deal of patience to get to know her, It has taken several weeks for her to come around to accepting pats and cuddles which she loves. It is no good anyone trying to approach her within hours of meeting her! It will take at least three or four days of gentle quiet talk, loud noises really upset her and she hides. Once she accepts you then she is a perfectly normal little Chihuahua!

Penny on right, with Bandit.
This little chubby girl needs a quiet home with maybe one other dog for a friend. She will require patience from her new human Mum, until she gains confidence. Penny has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, wormed and flead.


  1. How did penny come to be with you. I had a chihuahua stolen from my house on 27/1.10 and she is the image of poppy except for the length of her nose. How much is she to adopt

  2. Penny was surrendered to Chihuahua Rescue by the daughters of the couple who had purchased her from a breeder. Both persons were very ill and when one passed the other went into a nursing home. All records have been given to us following her vet checks and reports from 8 weeks of age until now.

  3. Hi Rita and Mayer, i was wondering how old Penny is and how do you think she would go with kids over 6 years old? Thanks

  4. How old is Penny?
    How is her health?

  5. Penny is 6 years old. She is in excellent health. No she will not go well with any children.