Sunday, June 20, 2010


Jok has been to our Vet and we believe he is about 8 years of age. He was born with a quite badly deformed mouth and teeth structure which was never corrected. Now we have had several teeth removed which were causing a lot of his problems. He has been desexed, microchipped and immunized.
Jok is a smooth coat pure Chihuahua and is wonderfully toilet trained (hangs on for hours to be let outside!) He is fairly scared still and will now "allow" me to pat him on his head, but he is quite happy to "bury" himself in a snuggle blanket and sleep until you mention "food"!
He is a beautiful little guy and, I would say, sadly neglected and unloved most of his life. He will be looking for a quiet home with plenty of warmth.
Mid July 2010. Jok has now been with us for a few weeks and is allowing more contact and even wants to be picked up and given a cuddle. We are transferring him to "In our Care" page but if a good samaritan would like to give him a home, he will be available.
Jok loves his new bed and snuggly blankets! He did not like the little pink coat though!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Pebbles on right.
Pebbles is a very small smooth coat pure Chihuahua, cream in colour, and about 1 year old. She is looking for a very special quiet home. When Pebbles came in she was in very poor condition weighing about 1kg. She has gained some weight - now 1.5kg and could do with gaining another half kilo or so. Pebbles is learning toilet training - halfway there! She will NOT be suitable with other dogs or cats or young children. She does climb so secure fencing required. She is not suitable to be an outside dog.