Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What an absolute gem!!  This is a photo of Rosie in "care" after having a good bath and before coming to Chi Rescue house.
This one is of Rosie while still in the pound, riddled with fleas and with not much hope of a future.
Here are some of the comments received from her "carer" while waiting to catch the bus to us!

ok what a funny little girl not once has she growled at my kids, nor me 
she didnt like the vet looking at her teeth but will let me.  Yes and she allows me to look at her teeth too!!

·                                 Rita she is a babe she is well on her way to converting me x
·                                 I do keep falling over her tho she is so attached to my ankles and she loves my son. She likes to bury her head under your arm 
she is funny i tell her off she hides her face lol 
Rosie has now been with us for a few days and settled in well.   She would make a wonderful "only pet" household.  Such a sweet loving little dog.  Rosie is a Shitzu cross Chihuahua, so a goo0d strong little 2 year old dog.  She is desexed, immunized, and microchipped.  Been given work and flea treatments. Rosie has a protruding bottom jaw, I think that is called an undershot jaw, can never remember if it is undershot or overshot! It does not affect her eating and looks quite "cute"!  She has been through a lot and is still having that "sad" look - lost her family, had her puppies taken away, spent time in a pound, did the trip to Malbourne and now looking for a forever home.   Her price is being reduced to $350 and what a gem she will make for some lucky lady/man!  

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