Sunday, November 4, 2012


Tinka is the most stunning little long coat Chihuahua cross Pom in the colour called blue.  So loving to all.  She very heavily "in pup" so will be allowed to have her puppies, as she is very nearly due!  An xray shows she is expecting five or six pups of unknown breeding!  She is not much more than a puppy herself as she is only one year old!
In the very early hours of Saturday 24th November 2012 Tinka began labour at 12.15am.  By 4.14 am she had produced six gorgeous little puppies!  Tinka will become available for adoption approximately January 2013, and we have two interested parties.  The puppies, if they survive, will become available approximately  at the end of February 2013.  The two girls have people on the waiting list for them.  The boys, so far have two people interested.
Two out and third just being born, what a wonderful little dog!
Six little new babies!  All born from 12.15am through to 4.15am, on Saturday morning 24th November 2012

Tinka has completely regained her health after many problems throughout the birth and feeding of six hungry little puppies.  She was taken away from the puppies when they were three weeks of age, for her own health reasons.  On Thursday 17th. January 2013 she is being desexed and microchipped.  Immunization on Monday, and going to her possible new home on Wednesday!  Love your dearly Tinka!  We have been through some adventures together over the last three months my darling little girl!

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