Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Romeo came in to "rescue" a few weeks ago. He was in shocking condition; dehydrated; flaking skin; starving; riddled with fleas and worms etc. His first two weeks were full on with treatments for all the above, and then he had to face his desexing operation! He came through really well and every day he gets a glossier coat and begins to look better and better! Romeo is toilet trained and requires very little exercise. Romeo is a very tiny little dog weighing in at a whole 2.5 kg.! He went to "try out" a new home with a very elderly lady who discovered she was not able to cope with caring for an animal, and this lady said he is the most wonderfully well behaved little dog. We thought he was a pure Bambi Chihuahua, but it is possible that he could be a Min Pin crossed with a Chihuahua. He is a quiet little guy but would not be suitable for children or other animals - sorry but he is a one on one little mate. His price is $250

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