Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This little guy in in very poor condition at the moment. He is five years old. Further news from Vet trip is that Ceasar has a slow heartbeat, 25/2/11 the good news is that the "slow" heartbeat in a tiny little dog is not unusual and is not necessarily a bad thing - thank goodness. These little ones live a lot longer than normal BECAUSE of the slow heartbeat! Could it be caused by aenemia? - Bad feeding?? - vet says NO. Both Ceasar and his brother, Romeo, have been left outside - and it shows! Both have very dry coats due to "outside" housing and very poor diet. They are the Bambi (or deer) Chihuahua with the long skinny legs.
Their elderly male owner is terminally ill and no family members wanted his dogs, so they are now safe and secure in "rescue" Ceasar is a little shy but approachable and will come up to you for a pat - soon that will be for a good old fashioned "cuddle"!!
We will be placing these little "brothers" in separate homes. When they were handed in the request was made to place them together - as they have spent their whole lives together. However, they do not get along together at all - and constantly fight and snicker at each other! Time for them to become individuals with heaps of love and care.
This morning Ceaser had heaps of cuddles and just loved it! We have started him on a dose of Nutrigell each morning and a Fish Oil capsule, so hopefully this will improve his appetite and coat.

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  1. leaving those poor little ones outside in the is cruel, the vic and tassie gets very cold