Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Flash has been happily rehomed.
What an absolutely wonderful little dog with so much love and affection to give to someone!
Flash - because she runs everywhere - just like a flash! We are looking for someone who is home most of the time and has the patience and loveto give for this little girl, as she just craves company and attention - follows at you heels; lies down and waits patiently while you do the chores etc.
We believe she is a Chihuahua cross Mini Foxie but very small and stocky weighing 3.7 kg.
Flash does have (what we call) a small problem. Poor little girl is stone deaf and cannot hear a word you say. Vet check today 24/2/11 and we believe she has been born with no eardrum in the right ear, but has a defective ear drum in the left ear, hence she does hear really loud sharp sound such as a dog barking very close by. She is in excellent health otherwise and has come through her operation really well. She is totally toilet trained and is really willing to learn - if you can spend the time to get her to understand hand signals. Last night, just twice, I waved my hand "out" at the door and she picked up on that immediately. Flash's price is $250

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  1. This was my Flash!!! Thankyou so much for finding her a home! We were unaware of her missing ear drums etc. I shed many a tear just now reading she is now toilet trained and has found a home. Thank you so much for helping my little friend find a home xoxoxo