Tuesday, January 4, 2011


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Today we received this heartbreaking email.

It is with much sadness I am writing to inform you that my darling little Pablo died on the 29th of November 2010. It has taken me this long to even string a sentence together to let you know.

He was euthanised after developing a blood clot in his little lung. I have put together a little something which I am hoping you might post on your wonderful website.


Darling Pablo,

You came into my life and stole my heart back in August 2009. It was love at first sight.

I miss you my darling Pablo-doo...you were my little mate, my soul mate and you will never be forgotten.

Fiercely loyal and true, we only had eyes for each other as we did everything together.

Whilst you had no teeth, it didn't stop you guarding your weekly slow cooked roast shank for hours on end...you had an appetite for everything, sweet and savoury.

You were a love sponge, wanting to be near all the time, only food could pull you away.

Gone too soon, I am grief stricken without you...my darling little Pablo-doo, oh how your mummy loved you...

You were my little heart beat and will now remain forever in my heart.

Rest in Peace Pablo, see you in heaven.
Giselle and Leroy

Here is our tribute to Pablo on the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria website, and below is a tribute to Pable created by Giselle and Leroy.

Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.


  1. Hi Rita and Mayor, So sorry and sad to hear about dear little Pablo he was so loved by his mummy. IF ONE OF MY TEARS FOR YOU WOULD DROP INTO THE OCEAN, TILL THE DAY I FIND IT, I WILL NOT STOP LOVING AND THINKING OF YOU, this is how I feel about the little ones we have lost and still love, Elizabeth.

  2. A tribute to my darling little Pablo


  3. We miss you 'Vichy (aka Pablo).
    We miss your tail waggs, your peppy disposition, your grizzles when it came to sharing food plates, your love of being part of the gang, of keeping up where you could, 'sharing' favorite snuggle spots, trips to the beach, you assuming your Leader of the Pack role from the day you arrived, your staunch protection of the place in G mothers heart & hierarchy and we..... just.. miss you.
    - we'll keep eating the shanks until the day we can fight over them again our little mate...
    With love and wags, your other pack mates, Raffy, Sumo & Mercredi xxx

    We miss you too little man with the BIG personality - there was & will be no other like you.
    Sam & Bec

  4. Giselle, what a wonderful, heartfelt tribute (words & gorgeous video) to your precious Pablo.
    Best wishes to you.
    Margaret C

  5. What an adorable little dog Pablo, and my deepest sympathies to you. It is obvious he was loved and had a very happy life with you.