Saturday, January 8, 2011


Janey has a new home to go to after her spay operation. Her name is to change to Abby Jane!
Janey is a Chihuahua cross (possibly with a Pom) possibly about 7 - 8 years. She has come from a pound so no information on her yet. She is quite friendly and is in poor condition - needs some good food and loving attention. She is to see the Vet in two weeks so more information then.
She is very quiet and just wants to have some cuddles and gentle time with you.
Janey saw the vet and was given a clean bill of health - very good strong heart and patellas low grade.
2nd March 2011. This afternoon we received a phone call from Trish to tell us that Janey has settled in really well. Trish had bought a lovely snuggly soft blanket and put it in a basket for Janey when the arrived home. Trish tells us that Janey went straight to the bed as soon as they got home, round and round, scratch here and there at the blanket, finally sat down snuggled in the blanket and gave them a look that seemed to say "well this is MY bed!"
She has been spotlessly clean; telling them when she wants to go to the toilet, and through the night she is using a wee pad - so far not one accident. All the family love her and she is being really well behaved with everyone! Greta nes, Trish, and so glad Janey has settled really well!

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