Thursday, January 27, 2011


There are some pure Chihuahua's looking for pet homes. These are not "rescue dogs", but little ones who have finished breeding/showing etc and need to find a "forever home".

March 24th - only one 5 year old smooth coat female available now.

Give us a call and we will pass on the contact details.


  1. i'm writting from Tassie, i'm looking for another Chi, i got one, she is so loving, allways Kisses, the best Dog i ever had,ris_wardplease if you like to answer, its would you have some picture??

  2. My husband and I have an 11 yr old pomeranian and would like to adopt another small dog. We are both retired and so are always home. Very often when we go out short distances, we take him along unless if it's very hot.
    We would love to give the little 5 yr old chihuahua that's finished breeding a home for the rest of her life. We think it's a shame to give up a member of your family for whatever reason.
    Johanna & John Ingram