Friday, July 2, 2010


Michael is trying out his new home.
Michael was facing death's row when a good samaritan gave him a chance and he came in to Chi Rescue care. He has been desexed and microchipped etc. From his microchip we have learned that Michael is six and half years old. He has an overshot jaw structure but eats really well. He is friendly and loves cuddles. The history we have been able to find out is that he spent his early years as an "outside" dog and never allowed inside. He was "surrendered" for what reason we do not know. Good Samaritan took him in to her home for several weeks and began his toilet training.
Most of all she showed him what a nice warm bed and warm coat can be like - just loves to lay in front of the heater!!
Michael does not seem to like other dogs or cats, just wants to have all the attention. He has slight patella in both back legs which is not giving him any trouble. He is a very tiny little Chihuahua. Would suit an older person for company and cuddles. His price is $200

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