Sunday, July 18, 2010


So named because he is so small that "He'll be trod on"! Hillby is in care as his owner cannot care for him at the moment. A gorgeous tiny little Chihuahua with spina bifida and also the runt of the litter. These tiny little Chi's do not have a very long life expectancy. Hillby's Dad comes over every now and then to visit Hillby. Last time he came over Hillby got a lovely new "bling" with blue stones on it. He just loves it and his Dad!! He just loves a chicken carcase or a chicken neck to gnaw on!
25/2/2011. Little Hillby has not been really well for a few weeks now - suffering with a persistent diarrhea and despite antibiotics, boiled chicken and rice meals, it would not go away, and Hillby developed a horrible smell. This morning we took him to the vet again! He decided Hillby had several rotten teeth which had to come out, so there and then he got the gas machine and asked me to hold it over Hillby's face so he went under the anaesthetic. He then pulled eight of Hillby's teeth out - ugh!! More gas and Hillby had samples taken of his tummy. It also appears he has no prostate - all part of the spina bifida! He has some sort of a growth in his bowel and that is to be scanned next week when his mouth heals. Yes, we are very worried about this little tiny baby! The lump does not sound good at all. More later.

Goodbye our darling tiny Hil. You fought a good fight to live your whole seven and a half years, mate! Rest in Peace and we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Hello Hillby my Mum was looking at this site we wish you lots of luck and hope you land on all four like we did our mum say the runt of the litter is alway the best we come from rita and mayer we sent them lots of licks we are very happy laying by the wood heater waiting for mum to to make supper tonight we allway get some sweet from her at night little tit bit we help mum keep slim well that what she said Lollie(ruby ) pippin(pippie

  2. Blessings Hilby. Rita and Meyer do such a terrific job and I know that so many people love and respect you for the wonderful work you do./ Love from Robin, Salome and Anne

  3. Hilby is such a loving little boy. Very cheeky and wanted to be continually picked up and get lots of attention when I visited before Xmas. He is a true delight as were all the other little Chis who licked and gave me cuddles when I went to visit. Thankyou Rita and Mayer for your hospitality.