Thursday, July 1, 2010


We wish to advise everyone who pays in to Chihuahua Rescue direct through the bank the BSB number has now changed from 804050 to 814282. The account number remains the same. Thank you.
All donations are very gratefully received and all monies go towards veterinary expenses for the little old and sick dogs that no one wants to adopt, and towards any little dog needing special treatments.
JULY 2010 :- Lydia and Ian $100, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Anne O. $50, Lynda $50, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Dogs across Australia have donated a lovely snuggly bed and two blankets, plus a little pink doggy coat for Jok!, Joyce G. $20, Smaro $25, Jan M. $100, and some gorgeous little jackets, and Chihuahua letter stickers, Elizabeth and Rex $100, Anne O. $50, Denise and Family $50 with many thanks.
AUGUST 2010. Markus $100, Tarryn $20, Elizabeth and Rex $30, Ritchies Stores $19.79, Anne O. $75, with very grateful thanks.
SEPTEMBER 2010. Samantha a lovely little four poster bed and bedding, huge bag of soft and squeaky toys, a carry bag, and other bedding, Jane $50, Elizabeth and Rex $25, Anne O. $50,
Elizabeth and Rex $25, Ritchies Stores $16.28, with many thanks

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