Monday, June 13, 2011


Toy has come into care, along with his three mates, due to his Mummy going into a care situation.
He is just gorgeous but scared.
Toy went to new home, however it did not work out, as he just fretted very badly for his playmates! So Toy is now back at the Chihuahua House.
Little Toy has been adopted for the last few months and has settled in really well, and is loved dearly! he is such a happy little fellow!


  1. Hi my name is Shannon and I was just wondering whereabouts Toy was located and what his health was like and if he's any good with other animals? I can be contacted on:

    Kind Regards, Shannon

  2. Hi my name is Roslyn We met many years ago. Unfortunately we lost our most beautiful tex white long haired last September. ( We have another pocket chih named mimi. Gets alot of attention she is nervous but not with us.) Toy looks like Tex did! except Tex was the runt of the family and sick at times but with the help of vet I guess we had him for about 11 years. Still too young to die. Anyway mabe Mimi could do with a friend again. How old is Toy please if available? regards Roslyn