Sunday, June 12, 2011


On the left first days in care - such a sad little face. In middle "not enough room here, Nikki!". Then finally "OK Nikki, there is enough room!" Two photoes on right taken ten days after coming in to care and already looking a lot happier! Bless her.

Kristina is 11 years old and her Mummy had just been taken in to a care hospital and she had been fretting and very sad. She has cheered up a little now (two weeks later) and has started to eat, but craves cuddles and attention.
Kristina has a quite bad heart murmur but appears otherwise to be in good health, although her coat needed some attention. Her skin is still very inflamed from where she was infested with fleas. Flea; worm treatment; and a good bath along with some healthy food, not to mention heaps of cuddles and snuggles! and Kristina is starting to feel a little more settled.

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