Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Happily rehomed and settling in well.
Sometimes we find a darling little dog who needs lots of loving care and attention. Sometimes they are in pain; sometimes their skin is affected by flea bites that have been left untreated; etc. etc.
Well here is our darling little Toby! He is an older little Chihuahua cross, but very small. He has spent his life as a "farm" dog - outside with the working dogs etc. Not the sort of life that these little dogs should have to lead! Despite all this, Toby is a friendly loving little companion. He has been with us for a few weeks now as we have tried to get his skin healed and the horrible itchyness cured. he never complains and always greets us with heaps of loving licky kisses and such adoration in his gorgeous eyes! Toby is now toilet trained; has been immunized, microchipped, and desexed; had flea treatments and been wormed. He still has some irritated skin which is beginning to heal.

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