Thursday, September 2, 2010


Missy is now happily rehomed.

Missy is a Chihuahua cross, very small dog, and is very obedient. She is spotlessly toilet trained and likes to go for daily walks. She walks beautifully - no pulling etc. Has spent the last four months with a young family and has learnt to walk the children to school each morning, then pick them up each afternoon (always on a harness!) She has been speyed, microchipped, immunized, wormed, and flead, and we estimate her age to be about 8-9 years. Missy and Percy had one owner for the first few years of their lives but unfortunately this elderly lady passed away. Both Percy and Missy were fretting for their owner for a little while. Their new Family bought them out of their sadness and have given them a new lease on life. They are good with older children. They must be placed together. They do not like other dogs or cats. Missy is one of the softest feeling little dogs I have met for a long time -so very gentle! They would be suitable for an older person who just wants a couple of very small dogs to love and cuddle and give heaps of love in return.
Check out the story on Percy! These two have found a wonderful home and are so happy, by all accounts!!

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