Thursday, February 1, 2018


Chico is a small Chihuahua cross Maltese cross Pomeranian, dob 11/10/16. Very friendly and happy playful little guy. Has been through a lot for one so young but now fully recovered and hair is beginning to grow back on his back area. He is good with other small dogs and loves to play with them and toys. Very willing to learn so some training would be good. Not suited with young children, but loves playing with older kids. Not sure of cats. He is toilet trained if the door is open and he can easily go in and out as needed. 

He becomes bored if left at home all day so we are seeking a retired person who is home most of the time. Grandchildren visiting would make Chico very happy.

His microchip is 956000006088938, he has just been desexed, fully immunised, given two treatments of worm tablets and flea drops.  His price is $500


  1. Hello, we are very interested in Chico, as he would fit our family and home perfectly, but could you please tell us what happed to him when he was younger and what Caused him to loose his hair on his back, thank you very much looking forward to your reply. He sounds very like much like the dog were looking for.

  2. Thank you for your interest in Chico. To apply for consideration to adopt Chico you need to complete and email the expression of interest form ( we have received six already and are in the process of checking these) His situation will be discussed in full with those who are invited to come and meet Chico.