Saturday, July 1, 2017


Gerrie is the most wonderful little mummy we have ever seen.

She is a mixed breed including Chihuahua, Maltese and wire hair terrier of some sort. She came from a hoarding house of many breeds of dogs all mixed up together!

She is only four years old, and considering her previous living conditions she is toilet trained now.

She is very picky regarding other dogs; she does not like cats and will not be good around young children.

Gerrie has been desexed and microchipped, fully immunised, been given worm and flea treatments.

Her microchip is 982000361880025.
Her price is $600

Some memories of the last four months with Gerrie!

Gerrie was so heavily pregnant, sometimes she couldn't even get upright!

Swimming under a collection of pups!

She kept such a careful eye on them, making sure they were all taken care of.

Time to give everyone a feed.

You really took great care of your pups Gerrie. Now it's time to find someone to take great care of you!

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