Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Dada, a Pomeranian cross, is the most gloriously beautiful little man we have seen for a long time!  His coat is so fine and easy care - beautiful.  Dada is 2 1/2 years and very playful.  He certainly needs some more gentle training, but loves to take you for a walk!  He will not be suitable with children of any age.  Gets on really well with the other little dogs here and is great when feeding, leaving the others alone to have their food!  He is toilet trained however he will "mark" if you do not watch him in the beginning.
Not sure how he will react with cats.  He has been desexed, microchipped, fully immunised, been wormed and given flea treatment.  His microchip is 956000004422906.  His price is $450
He needs a firm hand and will not tolerate weakness (either in voice control or attitude!)
## Note 5 pm 7/6/17 Dada has a meet arranged for Saturday and one other waiting.

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