Friday, May 5, 2017


Lollie is a 5 kg Chihuahua who was sold to her unsuspecting owners as a "pure teacup Chihuahua"!
Microchip states that she is,  however I could almost guarantee that she is crossed with a JRT (small)!
She is very young and needs obedience training.  She is toilet trained and does listen when told.  She is an absolute delight once you get to know her and she gets to trust you.  She will not be suitable with children under 14.  She is fine with the other dogs and loves to play with them but food aggression can be a problem so she needs to be isolated when feeding.  Lollie is a very timid and frightened little dog so approaching her must be done slowly and carefully as she will bite - She is protective on first meeting.  She has been fully immunised, desexed, microchipped, given worm and flea treatments.
Microchip number 956000004103324.  Her price is $300.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Lollie Is very happily settled in her new home and loved dearly by her new Family.

  2. How would she get on with a Birman cat?

    1. Lollie is now adopted and there are no cats.