Sunday, September 25, 2016


Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.

CHARLIE 2 years old Chi X needs foster care, URGENTLY!  for short time to allow his Mum to find suitable accommodation.  Inner suburbs preferred.  Not suitable to be left alone but is sociable with other dogs.  See full notes from his owner.   Anyone who can help can message me and I will pass on your contact details. 
Mum’s notes :- This is my little man Charlie.
He's a two year old chihuahua X
We moved to Melbourne 2 months ago into an apartment in St Kilda and unfortunately Charlie hasn't adjusted as quickly to Melbourne life as I would have hoped. he is mostly fine when we're together (he's still a bit anxious which can come out as aggression when we're out) but he barks continually while I'm at work. As a result there has been complaints from the neighbors and I am now not allowed to keep him in my apartment. I have just under a week to remove him from the premises. 
I am ultimately hoping that perhaps there would be someone that could potentially foster him for a few months while I try and find a new property for us. 
Someone that understands the chihuahua temperament and wouldn't be put off by a scared and confused little chap. Other pups being around would not be a problem. He's very social with other dogs and probably misses his buddy my old housemate's dog too. 
I would of course be willing to pay for all of his expenses. 

He's a beautiful loving soul once he gets to know you and I would do anything to keep him in my life however, if boarding him is not an option I would regretfully have to surrender him. If anyone can help us stay together we would be so very grateful! 

Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.


  1. Hi there, I might be able to take him however it would depend how my baby girl would cope with a male lol.

    1. Thank you, he is ok now with a lady and it is all working out well for his Mum. Thank you

  2. Thank you Regan, for your kind offer. Charlie has an appointment on Thursday night meeting a potential home to board. If successful we will take him off here. Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hi my name is Terri and we have a little chihuahua x pappilllon. We would be happy to foster Charlie until you got settled. Our dog sleeps inside so Charlie would too. We have a small yard they can play in all
    Day and if the weather is too hot or cold they will come with me to work!! Which is normally the case. Let me know

  4. Thank you. Charlie is all sorted now. Thank you for taking the time to check. Many thank, kibd regards from Rita