Thursday, October 22, 2015


Petal is a most loving willing to please little girl you could wish for.  We believe she is a Lhasa Apso cross (possibly Maltese), white and apricot , only one year old.  She is totally toilet trained and so quiet.  Her one bad fault that we have found is that she will go to extreme lengths to find you, including jumping over quite high obstacles, so really good fencing will be required, - no netting or wire type fencing as she will be able to climb that!  She has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped, given flea and worm treatments.  Petal's coat was so badly matted and full of burrs that we had no choice but to clip her to the skin.  She is very under weight and will need feeding up.  Her weight is 5 kg and should be approx. 7 kg. Her price is $500
Petal half clipped.
in process of clipping
fully clipped.
her tummy when she came in!  covered and knotted with burrs.

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