Friday, March 27, 2015


The most glorious little long coat Chihuahua, will shortly be seeking her new forever loving home.
DOB 9/9/09.  Chika is desexed, microchipped, and fully immunised.  She has had in the past chronic ear infections and both ears are almost closed with scar tissue.  However, we now have treatment for her ears and hopefully it will clear up quickly.  We have an interested party waiting to meet with CHika.


  1. can u tell me if chika has found a new home please. ms b.

    1. Hi Ms B,

      Chika has been "happily rehomed". If you look at the dogs on a desktop browser, you will see the "labels" section just above the comment box. For this dog, the label is "Happily Rehomed".

      To see *just* the dogs that are currently available, click on this link for all dogs with the "Available Now" tag: http://chihuahuar