Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Pepe is and 2year old pure Chihuahua.  Pepe is the happiest little chap and loves his cuddles and being with you!
W have noticed that Pepe does have some minor problems with his legs, as they are a bit "loose" hence we have had exrays and scans done to establish if there are any reasons for it.  We think it is quite "cute" and certainly is not causing him any problems!
Xrays show that Pepe has been born with a deformed bone in one of his back legs and due to this he "favours" it which has caused the patella knee joint to sit on the edge of the "cup".  It is not quite the same as a luxating patella but similar.  Surgery is not possible as his little leg would have to be sawn in two places in an endeavout to try and straighten the bone.  Our vet advised against this.  Pepe is quite happy, is in no pain, still jumps and runs with no problems.  His xrays will go with him. He has been desexed, immunised with C5, microchipped.   He does need to lose weigh but really loves his food!

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  1. Our house won't be built until January 2016 and I hope Pepe gets adopted before then but if he doesn't I will adopt him in a second!! Good luck Pepe! :)