Thursday, April 3, 2014


Artie is the most delightful little man of twelve years of age (going on about 3!!)  A very young active little fellow.  He will be desexed, immunised, and microchipped, teeth cleaned etc.  His weight is 2.4 kg. and his heart is excellent.  However he has lost a lot of teeth ober the years and one of those being his big "fang" which means the rood of his mouth has a gaping great hole in it!  This causes the salive and any wet food he eats come out through his nose so he is snorting a lot.  When he goes in for his surgery our vets will attempt to cut the cheek flesh and sew some of it over the hole.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers for this surgery to be successful.

UPDATE 12 th May, 2014.  Artie has been on a course of antibiotics and is going in to the vet on Thursday and hopefully this time they will be able to do all his surgery on his mouth and the desex.  He is a very cheeky happy little man!!  Artie leaving to trial hisnew home! (Top picture!)

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