Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Oh what a darling little dog!! Charlie is about 2 years old, and one of the most obedient little dogs I think we have ever seen in 24 years doing rescue!  He is very quiet, comes to get a pat and sits in front of you!!  He gazes into your eyes with so much trust it just melts your heart!!  He walks beautifully and obeys all commands!  Sits for his dinner, when finished he sits again beside the empty plate and waits for you to give him praise!!  Unbelievable!!  He is a Jack Russell (we think!!) cross Chihuahua.  He has been desexed, and microchipped, and will be immunized in a day or so.  His price is $300.  The person who adopts this little guy will need to like walking daily as he needs the exercise and he loves it too!!
Please note that we have an interested party to adopt Charlie.  

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