Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sirus is a long coat blue pure Chihuahua of about 2 years.  He has been desexed, immunized, microchopped, had worm and flea treatment.  His coat is in the process of growing back.  Sirus loves his toys and bring them to you but won't let you have them!!

Sirus was homed but it has not worked out.  Here is his story:- Sirus.  We got him out of a pound one day from deaths row!  So everything we know of him is just guesswork, but we estimate his age at about 18 months, and possibly the result of a puppy farm situation.  When we picked him up he would not go anywhere near anyone or anything!  Over the eight weeks he slowly came out of his shell.  He would roll on his back for tummy rubs and this was the only way he would allow you to pick him up!  But we just worked with his wishes, not wanting to force him in any way, just gentle rules and love.  He was very good the first time I bathed him, and even better the second time!  He loves his toys - or all toys, but especially the pink ones!!  Once you pick him up he likes to sniff your face and nose!!  He is not shy of getting cuddles!  We have not tried walking him yet, so that is some training still to do.
He did not bark for a long time, but now he does bark when greeting us each morning and runs around in circles etc.
I am sure he will "come round" eventually.   Lynn went and picked him up from the woman who wanted him, and while Lynn had him for three days, she had him coming up to her when she offered him Smackos!  So it is possible he might work on the "rewards" system.  We normally work by voice command only, so maybe Lynn's method may work better in his case!
Sirus sleeps inside and has access to our backyard throughout the day.  I would not say he is 100% toilet trained yet but certainly we are no longer having accidents here.  

Chihuahua Rescue Victoria has paid all his fees from pound etc. Desexing, fully immunising, microchip ping, and his teethe were cleaned three months ago.  His fee will be $400 to cover these expenses.

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  1. He's Beautiful, Chuzzel would get along with him, but Max I think would try and eat him. Good luck finding him a home guys.

    All the Best Scott, Daniel, Chuzzel and Max.