Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Billy is a six year old pure Chihuahua looking for a furever home!  He is the most loving little pet anyone could wish for!  Not a nasty bone in his body!.  He has been desexed, fully immunized, and mocrochipped.  Vet check says he is in perfect health.

You get these little dogs come in to "rescue" from time to time and they are just so traumatised from their recent experiences, that you wonder if they will ever be settled.  Within days, they all seem to settle down and become one of the family!  Billy was one who settled very quickly.
He "looked" over a few potential people who would have liked to adopt him.  Finally Diane and Simon called and Billy went straight to Diane, who picked him up.  Billy just settled straight down on her lap and went to sleep!
Diane and Simon adopted Billy on 25th July 2013.


26th July 2013
Just letting you know we made it home okay.  Billy has been great with the other animals
Even the chicken.  Billy, Moo Moo and Mr Lou are all on the couch asleep together. It’s just fantastic to watch them.  You would think Billy had always been here.

30th July 2013
Billy is the dog for us!  He goes to the toilet out side, not one mistake, wow !!

Missy loves him and she is much happier, but best of all he really loves Simon. He will sit on his chair during the day and on his lap at night. Simon real taken to him. Billy waits at the front door at night for him to come home lol. He doesn't care about the chickens at all and he loves the back yard, only thing he rolls in the chicken poo :) then we bath him he sleeps under the Doona at night with us, you don't even know he is there. He is my wonder boy he is truly fantastic little man can't wait to see you again 

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