Sunday, April 21, 2013


Sammy and Billy are a pair of Maltese cross very small dogs who must be placed together, as they are very close and have never been parted in their whole nine years of life. Sammy is adventurous, courageous and fun. They love each other and their Foster Carers to bits. Sammy is gorgeous and adores his cuddles and walks well "off lead".He is always wagging his little tail and wants to be near his people. 
Both Sammy and Billy are incredibly easy going little dogs with huge personalities. It has taken months months of tender loving care and training to rehabilitate these two little darlings from a very sad state and we are seeking a home for them together with people who will spend time with them and love them for the rest of their beautiful lives. Sammy is the smaller one in the photo. 
Billy and Sammy must be placed together.

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