Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Donations July 2012 Many thanks for some gorgeous knitted doggy coats from Lindy Wall. The little ones will be all snug and warm now, thank you Lindy. Many thanks to Jenny Braunegg for her very kind donation of $100 to go towards the ongoing costs of these little older dogs in our care, Thank you so much Jenny! Thank you to Rochana Reader for donation of $25. Many thanks. Thank you to the winter appeal for rescue groups for their very kind donation of two lovely heated beds and a whole big box of knitted jumpers for the little dogs! Very much appreciated, thank you! And to Tania for doing a very special little jacket for Jagger! It works really well!! Thank you to Kerry Cooper for donation of $50. Many thanks. Thank you so much to Catherine for your kind donation of $30, and to Tanya Michelle for a wonderful donation of $50, also to Renne, Paul, and Duchess and Family another wonderful donation of $50. Thank you to Deb Cardilini for $100, and to Janis for $50. Special thank you to Di's Doggy Wash of Melton for a huge box of fourteen gorgeous doggy coats. Greatly appreciated.

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