Friday, March 25, 2011


Susie is a very tiny white smooth coat Chihuahua, of seven years, but extremely frightened. She is eating and coming out of her bed to walk around the yard etc. but if anyone comes over she goes into her bed and keeps VERY quiet! It will take some time for her to accept you. More information as we can get them.

Pip Pip

Pip Pip has gone to try out his new home!
A gorgeous looking long coat Chihuahua but so terribly shy and timid, it takes time to get to know him. He is now allowing me to pick him up and pet him. Pip Pip surprised us all when he came out to meet people when they came over to see dogs, and these people were most impressed with him.
Will get more information as it comes to hand.

Pablo 2

This gorgeous (looks and personality!) little boy is now trying out his new home!
One look at this little man and he will melt your heart! He is a Chihuahua crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is just one of those little dogs who is so soft to touch and so loving and free with his kisses and snuggles! He is at your heel every minute of the day.
He is a very small dog of only 4 kg. He will be desexed, microchipped, immunized, flead, and wormed. He has been a very much loved family dog and would suit family with older children.
Just love the floppy ear! His price will be $250

Pablo 1

Pablo 1 has gone to try out his new home
Pablo is a gorgeous statuescue and playful little Chihuahua. He acts and looks very much younger than his 7 years. He just loves his toys and gets on really well with his little playmates. He had us in stitches when we saw him "toy in mouth; bottom sitting on doggy trampoline with front feet down on floor! He looked just delightful and wanted to "play". He is a very loving and cuddly little dog. This taking pictures when a bloke is tired is no joke!
He has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, heartworm tested, flead, and wormed. His price is $250


Chico has gone to try out his new home.
A happy little young 7 year old who is very amenable and loves to play and cuddle up with his owner. He would suit elderley couple/adult family and would love to have another little dog to play with. He is a very sociable little man. He is toilet trained; has been desexed, immunized, microchipped, wormed, flead, and heart worm tested. His price is $250
"Oh what was that flash?"


Anita has gone to try out her new home

Enchanting little lady of 6 years acting like a very playful 2 year old! Just loves cuddling and wandering/exploring around the yard; tossing toys etc. She is a very friendly and agreeable little dog. She has been desexed, immunized, heartworm tested, microchipped, wormed and flead. Would suit elderley person/couple or adult household. Gets on really well with other Chihuahuas.
Her price is $200


Poncho has found his forever new home and has settled in really well and happily.
What a gorgeous gentle giant and just so ready to be loved and cuddled and most of all settled with a new Mum or Dad. Poncho is extremely affectionate and is really quiet; toilet trained; loves his own bed but prefers yours! Not fussed about going for walks, just prefers to putter around his own little yard. Took him to our vet this afternoon and told Jan he is supposed to be a 12 year old. His report is that he is so healthy and his heart so strong he would easily pass for a much younger dog. Good hearing and eye are perfect. He has been heartworm tested, desexed, microchipped, and immunized with C5, and he is toilet trained! He would make a pensioner a perfect lovable little companion. His price is $150. Pensioner offered $100 so Poncho has gone to his home. Thank you Elizabeth - we have allocated your donation of $50 to cover the balance of the vet and bus fees for Poncho - THANK YOU SO MUCH - ANOTHER OLD DOG HAS A HAPPY HOME!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 2011 Donations

We are very grateful for any donations towards the costs and upkeep of these little dogs, and all donations will be acknowledged here.
Tarryn $50, Erica and Hans $60, Ritchies Stores $11.80, Maria $30, Stuart $25, Elizabeth and Rex $50, Smaro and Family $50, with many thanks!
A phone call from Sydney - small Chihuahua Rescue set up has to find urgent homes for several little dogs. Naturally we said "yes" we will take them. Then sat down to worry and wonder "how on earth will we manage to pay the fares to Melbourne? It is only from these wonderful donations that we are able to do this and meet these unexpected expenses! Thank you all very much. 7.30am 24/3 we were at Cranbourne and met four little angels, all home safely now!