Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 2011 Donations

We are very grateful for any donations towards the costs and upkeep of these little dogs, and all donations will be acknowledged here.
Tarryn $50, Erica and Hans $60, Ritchies Stores $11.80, Maria $30, Stuart $25, Elizabeth and Rex $50, Smaro and Family $50, with many thanks!
A phone call from Sydney - small Chihuahua Rescue set up has to find urgent homes for several little dogs. Naturally we said "yes" we will take them. Then sat down to worry and wonder "how on earth will we manage to pay the fares to Melbourne? It is only from these wonderful donations that we are able to do this and meet these unexpected expenses! Thank you all very much. 7.30am 24/3 we were at Cranbourne and met four little angels, all home safely now!

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