Sunday, April 3, 2011

April, 2011 Donations

Very grateful thanks to the following for very generous support for the Chihuahuas!
Adele $200, Elizabeth and Rex $30, Tarryn $50, Maria $30, Margaret C. $50, Tarryn has donated a huge bag of dog Greenie chews which these little ones love!, with many thanks.

To all our wonderful supporters,
It has been many years that we have enjoyed doing Chihuahua Rescue, and we wish to thank you for all the support and help you have given to us to achieve the re-homing of so many little needy dogs, also to all those who have given monetary donations to help with the operations that many have needed, and to help with the food costs; to those who have donated food, blankets, bowls, and towels etc.; and last but not least, to those who have donated their time to help out with some of the chores over the years.
With great sadness in our hearts we must retire from rescue work due to ill health and old age catching up to us! Mayer has had several major heart and other surgeries over the last ten years, and Rita has been a type 1 diabetic on insulin for the past 59 years and is now experiencing some of the debilitating symptoms that many diabetics have in a far shorter lifetime on insulin. We are both very grateful to be alive and to have experienced all the love that many little dogs have given us!
We are eternally grateful to Mandy and Kristal who run New Beginnings Rescue for taking over Chihuahua Rescue and for continuing on with this wonderful work, not only for the little dogs, but for all the other animals they give a “new beginning” to!
Contacts for New Beginnings Phone 0423574266,
Address P.O.Box 67, Nyora, Vic. 3987.

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