Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.

Squeak will possibly never be available for adoption, as we are very doubtful she will live.

The only reason she is being listed here is to show the public some of the problems the well known registered breeders experience with trying to breed with these little dogs!

So many of the puppies die before they are eight weeks of age - they "fade". Why? No one knows.

This little girl is "fading" and we are trying desperately to keep her alive! Yes she is tiny - just five weeks old and weighs less than 200 grams - what you would erroneously describe as a "teacup". At the moment we are feeding her with an eye dropper every hour to supplement her mummy's milk. We need your prayers for Squeak!

Thank you to everyone who offered prayers and support for little Squeak. Unfortunately, this darling little "fighter" lost her battle at 9.30 am this morning 16th December at age 5 weeks.

Despite the fact she had hydroencyphalitus (sorry about the spelling!) and her lungs were filled with fluid. We thought the antibiotics would help but no. And her little strong heart was not enough to pull her through. Now we are trying to comfort her little mummy who now has to contend with milk fever etc. plus the loss of her little baby. It was interesting to see that little Mummy knew - the last couple of hours she kept trying to sit on little Squeak!

Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.


  1. My heart goes out to this little dog and I hope she makes it. I know she is in the best of care being with both of you. My love and hope are with you, Elizabeth.

  2. Dear Rita & Mayer,
    My heart & prayers go out to you both & your precious little girl - she couldn't be in better(or more competent/caring) hands. Bless you all, best wishes. Margaret C

  3. So sad (your news) Rita, the little bub would have had all the love & tender care possible, but the battle was too much for the little darling. She looked to be a real cutie - bless you all. Love Margaret C

  4. Hi Rita and Mayer, Just checked to see how the little girl was and such sad news that she never made it, she was so lovely and I hoped all day that she was OK. Love to you both and little squeak's mummy,Elizabeth.

  5. What a tragedy! You have to ask where the justice is. If you have any other bubs who are really in need, please keep me in mind. I am able to assist.


  6. my grandmother had this exact thing with one of her pups, his name was Ziggy, they are so adorable but it so sad :(

  7. if she wld be ok i can nurse her back to health

    1. Hi Carolina,

      Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately, Squeak passed away in 2010.