Friday, October 15, 2010


Bonnie came in with Oscar, but they can be placed separately. Bonnie is definitely a Chihuahua cross Pomeranian - very dainty, tiny little thing. Her coat was very matted, so, thanks to Maria, she has been been clipped and now feels a lot better. She has been desexed, immunized, microchipped etc.
Bonnie is the friendliest little girl and will follow you everywhere. We are seekling a VERY quiet home fo
r her where she will be the only little dog to get all the attention she so rightly deserves. Many thanks for the generous donation from Maria which allowed us to have Bonnie clipped. Bonnie is toilet trained to use an open door or a doggy door.
Does not like birds though - chases them away from her food bowl!

How hard is it to say goodbye to each of these little dogs? We take them in from some
horrible situations - not always, but sometimes.
We handle them; train them; love them; teach them to trust humans; fall in love with them!! Then the natural progress is to re- home them in, what we hope, will be
a permanent loving home.
We said "goodbye" to Bonnie on 2nd December 2010. She caught the doggie bus to Sydney.
On left - waiting in our car for the "bus"!
On the right - on the
bus! and "the bus!!


  1. Hello my name is Ellen Bonnie is so very very cute does she like cats?

  2. No Bonnie is not too keen on cats or other animals. Just now beginning to "play" with some of the younger dogs here - but very tentative

  3. Hello There,

    What are Bonnie's measurements? and weight?

    I would love a new friend for my current dog, a Chihuahua who is a very little 1.2kgs and needs a friend of a similar size.

    Kind regards,