Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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To read Alice's full story go to SUCCESS STORIES"..

Alice has new parents and here is the wonderful update on our darling little girl!
Quote :-
I hardly know where to start! We are just so enamoured with this gorgeous little soul. We have taken to calling her Gypsy (I hope that's ok!) - and she has fit right in to our family immediately.
She is starting to feel a bit more secure, and even sleeps in bed with us now (she used to sleep by herself on the couch the first few nights) so I think thats a good sign that she might be starting to realise this is really "home" now! the first few nights i had left my bathrobe on the couch too, which i think she must have thought was the best bed in the house - so now that's where it stays every morning after i leave for work! She gets SO excited at dinner time and t
ears down the hallway at lightning speed, but she picks up her little leg and carries it behind her
so she is kind of hopping down the hallway - its just adorable.
Other than when she runs, she doesn't seem bothered by her leg at all, and of course she's decided she
likes the taller couch rather than the one closer to the ground and I always fret when she jumps up off it! We've made her a little set of steps so she can get up easier but half the time she doesn't even use them.

"What do you mean? This is your housecoat?"

Time for bed already? No I am not tired! says she with a yawn!!

Less than five minutes later!

The story of Alice : before adoption :-
Our darling Alice has gone to a new home and will be "trying out" for a fortnight!! THANK YOU to every wonderful person who has donated for Alice's leg operation. Such a wonderful response and generosity from everyone. We should have more than enough for Alice now, t
hank you. With your permission, if any is left over, it will go towards the operation that another little girl, Tangaranga (Julia! - very red hair!) who has some massive growths on her underb
elly and is yet to see the vet. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

This was the request we made for Alice - and the wonderful response we got for her.
If anyone can spare a few dollars to help, please contact us for Chi Rescue bank details, or use Paypal (link on web page - over to the left) with all donations marked "Alice". Acknowledgements will appear below. Thank you.

Target ($1,000) reached and BEYOND: $1175
Thank you to these wonderful people who have donated:
  • Elizabeth and Rex $50
  • Smaro $25
  • Betty $50
  • Denise $100
  • Irmgard $20
  • Robyn $50
  • Inge $50
  • Katie $30
  • Karyn $150
  • Michelle $50
  • Katherine and Elise $50
  • And a special Thank You to Margaret C. for your extremely generous donation of $500 in memory of Black Beauty (15/4/95 - 28/7/2010).
  • Joyce, Russ, and Sophie $20
  • Beach St Vets for generous help for Alice
  • Tarryn $30
Thank you ALL! Please thank you so much for all your help with Alice. We had sufficient to pay the Vet account for Alice with a little left over, which will now be used for some of the other little ones needing special attention - like Tangaranga. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

To see Alice's full story - go to SUCCESS STORIES.

Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.


  1. Having met Alice yesterday, I must say she seems a gorgeous happy, friendly little girl. Someone is going to score a little beauty there.

  2. Hello all, this is Chay (Gypsy Alice's new mama) - just wanted to say another huge thanks for sharing Alice's story on the success stories page. Quite a story she has too, and Maria you are right - we definitely scored the jackpot with this little girl! Thanks again to all at Chi Rescue Vic and all the amazing generous people who donated for a little dog in need.

  3. So glad to hear that Alice aka Gypsy has found a loving new family. We still think of her here all the time. Give her lots of hugs from us.
    Love Connie, at the Doncaster Veterinary Hospital.

  4. I am so happy that she found her forever home with you guys. I put in my bid (for want of a better expression) but Rita said that you were going in first.
    When push comes to shove, the bottom line is that the little critter gets the best possible home. She obviously has found hers.
    Please give her the love and respect she deserves for the rest of her time on this earth, which I am sure you will do. Best wishes to you and Alice (oops Gypsy) for the rest of your lives together.