Friday, May 21, 2010

Scooby Doo

Happily re-homed
A really delightful little puppy of seven months. Scooby will be a long coat Chihuahua when his coat grows. He is a good healthy solid little guy and just wants to play. Barks a little with excitement while playing but otherwise he is quiet. He is well on the way to being toilet trained and loves to be outside when playing. He would be happiest in a family situation with two or three children to play with. He is a gentle little man.
We know that the lady who surrendered Scooby Doo bought him as a "teacup Chihuahua" (a pure furphy to sell puppies!!!) at age 6 weeks (also illegal!!) She paid in the vicinity of $700. He has grown and grown, plus very overweight by about 1 kg. We are thinking he may even be a Chihuahua cross, or a pure, or very badly bred Chihuahua but personality wise he is just wonderful and so far has not made one mistake inside the house!! Just a really delightful little dog.
Scooby Doo developed cherry eye in both eyes and these have both been operated on and they have been stitched back inside. He is having some ointment put into each eye twice daily.
It is a possibility that these may come out again in the future and might need to be operated on again.


  1. Sad that they buyer didn't want to keep Scooby Doo anyway! (teacup or not). Lucky he found you!
    michelle and the murrumbeena chi's

  2. Dear Michelle, Unfortunately the owner was very ill and unable to care for Scooby, or herself for that matter so was devastated to have no alternative than to surrender him. He was loved so much.