Monday, April 5, 2010


Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.

Happily re-homed
Gizmo is now trying out his new forever home.
Gizmo is an eleven months old Chihuahua male. He is the most friendly little dog and so happy with the other dogs and with humans. He has been surrendered due to his owners moving into a home where dogs are not allowed. He will be desexed, immunized, microchipped, flead and wormed, and is toilet trained inside the house.
We think that there may be a bit of terrier (mini foxy?) in one of his parents, however he is well behaved and readily accepts commands.
He is one of the larger sized Chis but still within standard range.

We to hear how some of our little dogs have settled in, and this is one that really wa5rms our hearts!! Thank you to Gizmo's new forever family!
Hello Rita and Mayer,
I wanted to give you an update about Gizmo - he's a little gem!
Our old male dog LOVES him and Gizmo has given him a new lease of life, I haven't seen him so happy in a long while and although he is very slow he enjoys rolling around with Gizmo. Our little female Chi cross is less impressed, but coming around and I did catch them sleeping together in a basket so that's all good.
Gizmo has a lovely nature with our daughter, he is very tolerant of her, and he loves being chased by her, especially if he has his new fluffy toy in his mouth.
Gizmo's appetite is good, he sits on command and is learning to sit at the kerbside and wait for cars (on the lead). He also loves the beach and chasing birds. He's not happy with big dogs and rushes up to them barking - I wonder if he had a bad experience with a big dog? Our other chi dislikes big dogs immensely too. Gizmo is very well housetrained.
Gizmo is desperate to sleep in our bed, but has contented himself with sleeping on my coat at the bottom of the bed (he does have his own basket though).
All in all, he's a beaut little dog, he is very loving and I get the feeling he would be VERY protective if he had to be - first thing in the morning he trots around the garden along the fence ready to "have a go" - I think he thinks that our old dogs have been letting the side down a bit and it falls to him to guard our territory.
All in all I wouldn't bring him back for quids!

Please note that this dog is not available for adoption. Click here to view the doggies that are currently available for adoption.


  1. Gizmo seems as though he will be a larger Chi as he he only 11 mths, Cara and Chocco look to be of the smaller variety. Is Gizmo a bigger version Chi?
    Any Chihuahua is beautiful no matter their size!

  2. Dear Anonymous, Yes Gizmo is a little bigger and is "supposedly?" a pure Chihuahua. See new comments on his site. However he is a lot smaller than the two "no-names!!

  3. 'Gizmo' looks like a nice litle doggie to me!
    'Toby' is also a Mini Foxie X Chihuahua and very people-orientated and friendly.
    'Gizmo' shouldn't take long to rehome.