Friday, January 29, 2010


Petal has gone to her new home!
Petal has been desexed; teeth have been cleaned, back dew claws have been removed. She is estimated to be about 10 years of age, a very healthy little dog so has quite a long life expectancy. Heart worm tested clear, and healthy heart. Her cost is $100 so possibly very suitable for pensioner who wants a companion dog - very small and well behaved. Photo at left was when she was recovering from one operation. When we took off the bandages these little legs were both infected but all cleared up now. Photo on right is more recent and she looks a lot healthier and happier! She is a wonderful little dog, very small weight about 2 kg.


  1. Awww - she looks so lovely.
    Miranda :o)

  2. Is she my 'Rosita'?

  3. What a precious baby.
    How did she come to be with you?
    How big is she?

  4. Petal was an abandoned dog and due to be euthanised when we agreed to take her in and give her a chance to live out her life!

  5. If only there were more people like you in this world perhaps there would not be any animals in the situations that you rescue them from, let alone such precious little darlings like this.
    Keep up your good work, you are champs!

  6. Hello, what is best to feed a Chihuahua?

  7. A good balanced diet. Definately NO Cheap canned foods! (Too much preservatives added and this causes liver damage in little dogs.
    Best to cook your own "wet food' (beef, pasta, rice, fresh vegetables, little oil etc.) and then a good quality dry food, raw bones.