Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We will list people who send donations here for a period of time.

February, 2010. $50 from Ann and Family, $20 and a large bag of dried food from Norma and David, $19.47 from Ritchies Stores, $20 from Elizabeth and Rex, with many thanks.
March and April, 2010. Jo and Family $200, Liz $30, Elizabeth and Rex $20, $26.23 from Ritchies Stores, $20 from Elizabeth and Rex, $50 from Mrs. B in memory of Speedy, $30 from Elizabeth and Rex , $50 from Rachel, $50 from Karen G., $25 Elizabeth and Rex, with many thanks and appreciation for all your help.
April, 2010. Over the past three months the following people have made donations through Paypal into Chihuahua Rescue. We wish to acknowledge Smaro, Tilley, Jane, Ward, Cheryl, Anne, Joyce, and Kerry - thank you all very much for your assistance and kindness.
May, 2010. Elizabeth and Rex $25, Ritchies Stores $15.49, Anne and Dennis O. $50, Coralie and Family $50, Elizabeth and Rex $25, appreciation and many thanks for all your asistance with these little dogs.
June, 2010. Barbara $50, Elizabeth and Max $25, Liz B. $50, Georgina $10, Ritchies Stores $16.58, Rukshana $100, Smaro $25, Norma $70, Ritchies Stores $12.21, much appreciation and thanks!


  1. As a CAT lover (dogs are ok), i am absolutely disgusted. These people should be charged by the RSPCA with animal cruelty. Makes you wonder why there isnt a register than can be checked nationally before anyone can purchase or adopt pets. Your service is doing a fantastic job helping these poor little souls.

  2. I hope little Poppy is OK and grows up to be a very beautiful little puppy. Thinking of you all

  3. Thanks for your job. I like this site. keep up it.