Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Princess Pixie is approx three years old, a Chihuahua cross Pom.  The most loving little dog but not suitable with ANY other animals.  She is in the care of a Foster carer, Dale Kelly, for Starting Over Rescue.  Here are Dale's words, quote:- hi this is our princess pixie she is only suited to a retired no animal home she needs to be the one and only my number is 0401586298 Dale Kelly if you have any queries on her thanks and have a wonderful new year Dale
Please phone Dale on 040586298 for all other details you might wish to know or to enquire about adopting this darling little dog.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Boy is a delightful little dog who our vet estimates to be approx 6 years, and possibly Jack Russell cross.  He is in excellent health, just has a bit of a dry coat which will come good with feeding!  He gets on well with all the dogs here and really enjoys a good run and play with the toys!  He is a gentleman when they are being fed too!  He has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped, wormed and given flea treatment.  His price is $250.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Paris is an extremely friendly little dog which we believe is Mini Pinzer cross Chihuahua.  She is obedient and so willing to learn.  We are seeking someone who will enjoy working with her and is energetic as she loves to walk for miles!  She sits, and shakes hands on command.  She is not " dog or cat friendly" -  However she loves playing with toys and people.   She has been desexed, fully immunised, heart worm tested negative, and microchipped.  She has been given worm and flea treatments. She is 15 months old.  An absolute joy to have around!  She is small and weighs 5 and 1/2 kg.  Escape proof fencing is a MUST!  This little girl will move Heaven and Earth to find you if you go out!  She will climb and if that is not possible, then she will dig!
Her price is $250.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Pixie is the most delightful tiny pure Chihuahua of twelve years. She was born with hip displasia and so has luxating patella caused by her compensating for the hips.  She came in to our care and appeared to be suffering somewhat with pain in her legs.  Heart and all vitals are excellent.
We have now got a course of pain killing medication for her to trial for two weeks to see if this helps her.
 She has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped.  It will be a case of watching how she responds to this medication to see what we feel is in her best interests.  We are happy to discuss her situation with anyone who is interested.  She may become one of the little ones that we put in to our "in care" section.  If anyone feels they would like to take her on then her price is $100.

Pixie is going off to try out her new home shortly!

It is with very deep sadness and regret that we advise Pixie passed away peacefully in her sleep.


Susie is a gorgeous dainty "older" lady, a pure Chihauhua weighing in at a whole 2kg. Very gentle and loving little girl who does like to curl up in her bed and sleep a fair bit as most older girls do! She has been desexed, fully immunised, and microchipped.  A full vet assessment has been done and she does have a very mild heart murmur which does not require any medication at this stage and should not for some years providing she is fed correctly.  Other than that she is in excellent condition.  Her price is $100.00
Susie with her new Mummy.

Success Story for Pearly-Sue!

Friday, 19th of June 2015

New! Have a look at the Chihuahua Rescue Victoria Success Story for Pearly-Sue.


Eddie is the most gentle darling little man of two years.  He is a Chihuahua cross Mini Foxy, weighing 3 kg.  He has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped.  He is just a wee bit shy but not biting, just unsure.  His price is $350
Eddie has left this morning, 7th. December, 2014 to try out with his new Mummy!  Good luck little man!


Annie is a very shy and quite timid 4 kg. crossbreed, possibly Chi x some sort of terrier.  She is very wary of being picked up but happy to make the approaches to you.  She is 3 years old, has been desexed, fully immunised, microchipped.  Needs some more training and gentling along.
Her price is $350.
Annie has now "chosen" her new Mummy and will go to try out her new home in a week or two!