Thursday, April 10, 2014


A dear little Chihuahua cross weighing in at 3 kg, 3 years old.  Very loving and just wants to be cuddled and loved!  This little dog has spent his whole life locked outside in Victoria's coldest town, along with two very big dogs who pinched all the food and kept belting him up!!  He has now been desexed, immunised, microchipped, given flea and worm treatment.  His price is $400.


Sarge is the gentlest darling little man anyone could wish for.  He loves cuddles and sitting on your lap.  He has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, flea and worm treatments have been given.  He is a funny little man and will not eat very well!  He will eat if you threaten to take away his food! Or put your finger in the bowl!!!  he might then eat!!  Just love him.  Sarge is 7 or 8 years of age, and his price is $400.


Rabbit is a gorgeous little dog, possibly Chihuahua cross Pomeranian, about four to five years of age, in excellent health.  He is desexed, immunized, and microchipped, given flea and worm treatment.  His price is $400.  Rabbit will not be suited for children or other bigger dogs.  He is getting on OK with the Chihuahuas.  He is a small dog although a bit overweight at the moment.  Walking will be a must for this little man.  He weighs about 5 kg. at the moment.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Stumpy is a gorgeous little long coat pure Chihuahua, black and white, just a little timid to begin with but comes around to be the most loving cuddly little girl anyone could want.  She has been desexed, microchipped, fully immunised, and teeth done. Her price is $400.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Phoebe is a gorgeous little 3.5 kg. Chihuahua cross Mini Foxy, probably about 5 years.  She has been desexed, immunised, microchipped, given worm and flea treatments.  She is quite happy to mix in with the other little dogs and very good with humans!  Her price is $400.


Artie is the most delightful little man of twelve years of age (going on about 3!!)  A very young active little fellow.  He will be desexed, immunised, and microchipped, teeth cleaned etc.  His weight is 2.4 kg. and his heart is excellent.  However he has lost a lot of teeth ober the years and one of those being his big "fang" which means the rood of his mouth has a gaping great hole in it!  This causes the salive and any wet food he eats come out through his nose so he is snorting a lot.  When he goes in for his surgery our vets will attempt to cut the cheek flesh and sew some of it over the hole.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers for this surgery to be successful.

UPDATE 12 th May, 2014.  Artie has been on a course of antibiotics and is going in to the vet on Thursday and hopefully this time they will be able to do all his surgery on his mouth and the desex.  He is a very cheeky happy little man!!  Artie leaving to trial hisnew home! (Top picture!)


Heather is a gorgeous young 14 year old who has had a very spoilt life! She weighs in at 4kg and according to her height she should be about 2.5 kg. Despite her weight, she has only the very beginnings of mild luxating knee joints. Both heart and lungs are excellent. She will be de-sexed, immunised, micro-chipped. Her price is $150.

UPDATE as at 12th May 2014.  Our dear little Heather came down with kennel cough after we had her immunised with C5.  She has been on antibiotics now for almost two weeks and been coughing a lot, so cough mixture to help her.  She is so much better now and the coughing is only happening now and then, so she will be OK for surgery to have her teeth done in the next couple of weeks.
Further UPDATE  as of 31st. May, 2014.  Poor little Heather developed pleurisy and has been on two more courses of drugs to treat her and these have been very effective.  So much so that there was no "wheezing" now for 24 hours, so fingers are crossed!  Little one was getting quite distressed with all the coughing, as were we!  So relieved to see her feeling much happier.

Update - Tuesday 06 May 2014, 12:10:36 PM
We received an anonymous comment asking why we are charging money for a fourteen year old dog. Quote: "you should be giving this dog away to a good home not asking money for it, she is 14 yrs old and only wants to find a loving home for her remaining years".
It is a good question and I appreciate the concern raised over the welfare for an older dog like Heather.
We are charging a minimum fee for Heather which will in no way cover the veterinary costs that Chihuahua Rescue Victoria have outlaid:
  • She has been immunised with C5;
  • She is booked in to have her teeth cleaned and several to be removed;
  • She has been de-sexed;
  • She has been micro-chipped.
These are all costs that we are willing to pay because we care deeply for the welfare of all the dogs we rescue, old and young. However, it is not realistic to expect this all to happen for free - it takes money to keep rescuing these little dogs, so we do what we can to recover costs.
We have three wonderful people who are waiting to adopt her and are prepared to pay the fee we are asking for her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Rocky is a Chihuahua cross Maltese very tiny little loving boy, who we are guessing is quite young. He loves people and is very well behaved.  His weight is 2.3 kg. and is heart, lungs etc. are excellent.  He has very mild luxating patella is both back knees.  He will be desexed, immunised, and microchipped, etc.
His price is $400 and he will be available once all vet work is complete.


Jax is a gorgeous little Chihuahua cross, very small, happy, playful little man.  He has been desexed, immunized, and microchipped.  Not 100% toilet trained but learning fast.  He is still very much a puppy at 18 months of age.  His price is $400.